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When compared to other development platforms, XTRONIC offers superior features to users. Students ca develop solutions in a wide range of applications in the areas of n coding, electronics, and robotics thanks to the unique set of features with hardware and software support. This wide range of opportunities t explore creativity at an affordable rate is the specialty of XTRONIC, and we promote innovation and creativity to go beyond prototyping.

How did XTRONIC get here today?

The Digicocoon brand (version 1.0) first came to the market in two types of
products in 2018 and 2019 may introduce Two new types of products were added.
Two new product types were added in 2020. In 2021, the amount sold was
increased by five times. In February 2022, the brand name was changed to Ravana
PCB (version 2.0). 2022 The number of buyers increased in May. In July 2022,
the brand name changed again to XTRONIC (version 3.0).

Brand Change


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Thimith Navodya (Founder)
Heminda Jayaweera (Advisor)

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