What is XTRONIC?

XTRONIC is a platform to learn and practice new technologies like robotics and electronics. The hardware suit of the XTRONIC platform is simple to learn and caters to users ranging from novice to expert.

Why Should I buy XTRONIC?

• 100% brand new and high quality • Our products enable children to learn while engage in fun activities. It allows children to experience a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction • Our kits allow kids to learn to develop a simple electronic circuits • Our products are easy to understand and full of fun!

How to learn about this?

XTRONIC learning content is available to anyone under the Learn page in xtronic.cc . XTRONIC YouTube channel also contains video guides for users on different student projects.

What is the different between other platforms and XTRONIC?

XTRONIC brings unique value with powerful and useful features to practice different technologies on the same platform. XTRONIC's innovation environment with hardware, a mobile app, and accessories makes it a perfect tool as a complete solution for innovators. Another advantage that XTRONIC has over other platforms is its easy-to-learn nature combined with the ability to build complex applications.

Is there any age limit

The XTRONIC innovation platform is suitable for students aged 8 and above. Since the platform has a simple learning curve, even a beginner can start the innovation journey very quickly. However, the platform supports complex solution development as well with multiple integrations and different technologies, making it a good platform for expert-level or advanced users as well.

How to buy XTRONIC